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Home Page Site Map Rowing Page: Rowing Page News & Comments on Applications The Internal Energy of Rowing: Internal Energy Mathematical Model Comparison: Model Comparison "Rowing Faster", Volker Nolte's compendium: Rowing Faster, 2nd. Ed. Indications: 1. Blade Surface Area- 2. Peak Force Management- a. Estimating Peak Oarhandle Pull- 3. Rower Strength & Rigging Geometry- 4. Managing the Free Return Momentum- 5. Peak Force vs. Rating- 6. Catch Bow Angle- 7. Blade Cant Angle- 8. Rower Peak Oarhandle Pull- 9. Oarshaft Flexibility- 10. Blade Immersion Depth/Puddles- 11. Blade Efficiency- Validation: Validating the Rowing Model 1. Through program internal consistency- 2. Through the work of Van Holst and Roosendaal- 3. Through the work of Kleshnev- Rowing Program: Modeling the Dynamics of Rowing A paper The ROWING Data File Download and Run the ROWING Program Topics: 1. Oarblade Path Geometry- 2. Propulsive Force- 3. Oarblade Vectors- 4. Oarblade and Wing- 5. Oarblade Lift & Drag- Oarblade Lift and Drag Data Flat Plate Lift and Drag Data Lift and Drag in ROWING Effect of Lift on the Zero-slip Blade Path Oarblade Velocity and Force Vectors Lift and Drag at Various Stroke Points Oarblade Lift Related to Oarhandle Pull Effects of Varying Lift, Drag, and Blade Shape Future of Oar Blade Design Measurement of Lift & Drag- 6. Shell Work; The Energy Balance of Rowing- 7. Equal Total Rower Power- 8. Drive/Recovery Ratio- 9. Moving Water Fallacy- 10. Shell Hull Friction- 11. Soccer Balls for Oarblades?- 12. Water Temperature- 13. Asynchronous Rowing- 14. Coxswain on Slides- 15. Counting Strokes- 16. Some Observations- Further Research Air Resistance- Added Mass- Propulsive Efficiency On-the-Water Testing Implications for Design Equipment Specifications 17. The Effect of Deadweight- 18. Shell Hydrodynamics- 19. Rigging Notes- 20. Upstream/Downstream- 21. Shell Air Resistance- 22. A Useful Empirical Equation- 23. Racing Start- 24. Big Blades & Back Injury- 25. Sliding Riggers- 26. Shell Speed vs. Lever Ratio- Bibliography Rowing Links Rowing Ergometers: Rowing Ergometers Modeling Fanwheel Ergometer Rowing/Ergometer Compared Ergometer Power Bias Fanwheel Torque Drag Factor Improved Ergometers Engineering Page: Engineering Page Fluid Flow in Networks ASME 1967 Steam Tables

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